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A Child's Words

Sometimes, we, as adults, are at a lose for words.  I think it is because we think we are suppose to speak

eloquently and grammatically correct" when praying.  Here's a short story that might serve as an example for

all of us to follow!

"A little girl attended a prayer service with her mother.  She sat on the back pew while her mom and a few

others knelt at the altar to pray.  She listened closely while the adults cried out to God, some weeping.

Finally she could sit still no longer.  She stood on the pew, looked up into heaven, and cried, "Dear God!, A, B,

C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. Amen!" Then she sat down.

The mother, a bit embarrassed, asked her, "Honey, why did you say that?"

"Because you were all praying such beautiful prayers, and I wanted to talk to God.  I didn't know the words, so

I thought if I gave God the letters, he could make the words come out right."


Matthew 19:14“Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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Jesus loves you just the way you are.


R. A. Torrey summarizes prayer in the following statements:

Our whole life should be a life of prayer. We should walk in constant communion with God. There should be a constant looking upward to God. We should walk so habitually in His presence that even when we awake in the night it would be the most rational thing for us to speak to Him in thanksgiving or petition.

Dear God---how short we fall. How far we miss the mark when it comes to prayer! Forgive us, Lord, those times when we are so consumed by the desires for self and sleep that we do not seize the opportunity to whisper your Name in reverence and awe as a child does when calling their parent!

Jesus loves you just the way you are.

Walking Orderly with An Orderly God


God is a God of order. It is man that puts the cart before the horse. God’s order is seen in the Creation of Genesis. It is also seen in the Tabernacle of Exodus. In Exodus 25, we are given the specific instructions for the Tabernacle. All who were of a willing heart were to give the supplies for the Tabernacle. Exodus 25:2 All the instructions for the following things came first:

· The furniture

· The utensils

· The various coverings for the Tabernacle

· The dimensions for the inner and outer court

· The dimensions for the entire Tabernacle area

· The clothes for the High Priest and the priesthood

The artisans were given instructions on how the various curtains and coverings were to make. Then the specific instructions for the various offerings and sacrifices were given. Those who were gifted by God to make cloth were given instructions how to make the clothes that the High Priest and those of the priesthood would be wearing. After all these instructions were given and completed, then Aaron and his sons are consecrated for the ministry of the Tabernacle.

When looking at the actual chapters in the Bible, the instructions for the Tabernacle start in Exodus 25. In Exodus 28:1-5, Moses is told that Aaron and his sons are to be the servants of the Tabernacle. Then the chapter continues with instructions on the Tabernacle and its fixtures, etc. The consecration of Aaron and his sons are not done until after the work on the Tabernacle is completed, and ready for worship. Then we read in Leviticus 8 of their consecration. Everything is put in place first before they are put in their place as ministers of the Tabernacle. God is a God of order. Everything must be in its place according to the Mind of God before His servant can come forth.

If Aaron and his sons had gone ahead and started serving in their calling before everything was in place, it would have been a waste of their time. Nothing was ready. Not only was the Tabernacle not completed, but also they had not developed a relationship with the Lord. Scripture does not discuss what they had to undergo from a spiritual perspective, but I am sure that God began to deal with them concerning certain things. God required holiness of them. They were representatives for a nation of over a million plus people. They had to be in right standing with God for the people, and above all else, for themselves. This was nothing to play with. It should be remembered that it was such a serious thing that if they had sinned without confession, they would be in trouble. On the Day of Atonement, they had to place a robe around their body. As long as the bells were heard, they were alive. If the bells stopped, they had done something wrong or there was sin in their lives. They had been struck dead because of judgment coming upon them. (The bells represent the joy of the Lord; the fruit represent the fruit of the spirit

Jesus loves you just the way you are.

The Goodness of God

When others behave badly to us, it should only stir us up the more heartily to give thanks unto the Lord, because He is good; and when we ourselves are conscious that we are far from being good, we should only the more reverently bless Him that He is good. We must never tolerate an instant’s unbelief as to the goodness of the Lord; whatever else may be questioned, this is absolutely certain, that Jehovah is good; His dispensations may vary, but His nature is always the same. (C. H. Spurgeon).

Jesus loves you just the way you are.

The Tent of Meeting

  Part One

Scriptural Foundation: Exodus 33:7-23

Exodus 33:7 says that the Tabernacle of the congregation was set up outside the camp of Israel.  Moses made plans to meet with the Lord here.  Exodus 33:7-10 gives information on the Tent of Meeting. 

Key Verses: Exodus 33:7-10

Introduction of the Tent of Meeting

God had given Israel instructions on the construction of the Tent of Meeting   through His servant, Moses. The instructions not only included what items needed to be built, but the type of materials needed for the construction. Exodus 25-30 gives the specifics concerning the building of this sacred structure.  Nothing is left to the mind and imagination of man.  God directs the entire construction with humanity as His tool. 

Since the people are given the commandment to give what is needed for the Tabernacle, the manner in which the giving of the construction materials is given is also outlined.  The offerings must come from a willing heartExodus 25:2 This is reiterated in 2 Corinthians 9:7. The offering given in this manner will be acceptable to the Lord.  Various versions of the Bible make this commandment very clear.  As we look at these versions, we need to examine our hearts to see if our hearts are lining up with the Word of God when we give. 

The Holman Christian Standard Bible

"…everyone whose heart stirs him [to give]." 

Is your heart stirred to give?  If it is, then what is the motivation behind the stirring? 

New International Version

"…whose heart prompts him"

What is "prompting" you to give?  Is it out of love for the Lord and the work of the ministry?  Are you looking for recognition through your giving?  The accolades of man will be all that you obtain.

The Living Bible

"…whose hearts are moved to offer them." 

What is moving you to give? 

It is important to ask these questions when we give.  We must learn to give in the right spirit with the right motive.   We must examine ourselves all the time in all things.  We must correct ourselves when we are not doing things for the kingdom's sake.  It is not about us, but about God. 

Jesus loves you just the way you are.

Word Studies in the New Testament

Understanding Divine Knowledge from God--Part One

2Co 4:6

For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
(New King James Version)


This verse begins with the word "for" which is translated from the Greek word hoti. One of the other English words for this Greek word is "because”.  Because God performed a certain divine act in the life of the believer, there was a manifested change in the mind of the believer.  The manifested change came in the form of divine revelation knowledge concerning the glory (doxa) of God.  Because God infused, (breathed into the spirit) of the believer, this came about.  This is the working of regeneration as a part of the salvation plan of God.  This regenerative act is a part of 2 Corinthians 5:17  speaks of the "newness" the believer. What was old has passed away, and replaced with all things new.  Our minds have been renewed through this divine act (Romans 12:2).  We have been made alive by God's Spirit.  Old things--concepts and perceptions have been replaced with fresh spiritual enlightenment. This spiritual enlightenment is an ongoing process in the life of the believer. This renewal process began at the moment we accepted salvation.  Now we are responsible to walk in the light as He is in the light on daily basis.  This will help us to learn the new spiritual knowledge of Him through our growing relationship with Him. 

The action God performed came through a commandment.  The word "command" comes from the Greek word epo, which finds its root in a primary verb, which is used, only in the definite past tense.  The other tenses of this word are borrowed from the Greek word ereo which is translated into English as say 57 times, speak 7 times, tell 4 times and speak of 2 times for a total of 71 times in the King James Version.  It means to utter, to speak, or say.  The other alternate form of epo is rheo, which can be understood as a pouring forth.  In this divine act of God, He poured forth into the new life of the redeemed the knowledge of His glory. 

God broke the silence that had existed for 400 years.  All man had to go on was the laws and commandments that had been received by Moses on Mount Sinai.  Since then, many more man-made laws had been added making the total number of laws 613.  To break one of these laws was to break the whole law.  These inconsistencies were among the many things that Jesus pointed out to his disciples. It was time for humanity to hear and receive the revealed Truth of the One True living God.  It was time for them to come to the knowledge of truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ--God's only begotten Son.  It was time to set the record straight.  It was time for humanity to get the true description of Who He was, and the love He had in His heart for them.

Since we have been given this knowledge, it should be understood that no man could successfully preach and be of much good if they do not have a working relationship with the Lord and His Written Word.  The individual mind cannot vacillate and hesitate concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ nor did the life that must lead.  When the mind is filled with doubts, there is no faith.  When there is timidity in doing the work of the Lord, then the boldness that is promised has not been received.  The individual who declares what he has no acquaintance with the Lord cannot be effective.  If there is no deep-felt conviction concerning the words written in the Bible, then how can this individual be effective for the kingdom of heaven?  There is a lack of understanding concerning what the individual affirms.  How can they stand by something that they do not understand? 

What then should be the standard by which to measure the effectiveness of a person's words concerning Jesus and His gospel?  This lesson teaches that there must be God-given spiritual enlightenment.  The individual must be God-breathed upon in order to receive the right illumination.  There are illuminations that have their source in the rulers of darkness, and then there is the true Illuminator who shines through to the heart causing a change.  There must be a relationship developed through personal interaction and experience with Jesus Christ. 

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Jesus loves you just the way you are.

Glad to Be Here

Finally, I've got a good place to write my thoughts!  Sometimes, you can make the wrong choices when searching for the right place to put your thoughts down.  I hope that you will be blessed by what you read here. 

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Peace and Blessings....Penny
Jesus loves you just the way you are.